18 year old Alex Bain wants to be the first autistic to run Prince Edward Island from tip to tip. Alex is a member of the PEI RoadRunners, and was their 2004 Rookie of the Year & 2005 Inspirational Runner of the Year. Race photos and stats from his two year running career can be found at Alex's Running & Race Page. Alex is a graduate of Bluefield High School. You can read more about Alex in a Brief I wrote to a Senate Committee in 2005: Autistic Success

His mom "jypsy" (janet norman-bain) will bike accompany Alex on her bike. I also have an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, Asperger's Syndrome, as does another of my children. The Bain Family resides in Oyster Bed Bridge.

Dennis Debbaudt (Police and Autism and Autism Risk and Safety Management) is an internationally recognized expert on law enforcement and safety for autistic individuals. Debbaudt's presentations inform Law Enforcement officers, First Responders, Medical and School personnel, about how to identify and respond to an autistic person. Dennis will also address on the many ways that parents and caregivers can keep their child secure and safe both in the home and in the community. He presents to law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. His materials are in use by police departments around the world.Dennis has never been to Canada's Atlantic Provinces to give his presentations.

A Detroit native, he now resides with his wife, Gay, and autistic son, Brad, in South Florida.