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The Run on Prince Edward Island, about 295Km tip to tip, starts in North Cape on July 2nd and ends in East Point July 15th. 284Km of the run will be on the Confederation Trail from Tignish to Elmira as well as the side trail from Charlottetown

Below is our Run Schedule, any changes will be posted here.

At this point, we are planning to start our days at 8:00am (except July 11th when we depart Charlottetown at 7:00am)

DAY 1 Sunday July 2nd North Cape to Harper (Rt #158) 20Km
North Cape
Tignish 14Km
–Stop For Lunch— Tignish
Harper (Rt #158) (6Km) 20.0Km 
Camping at Jacques Cartier Provincial Park

DAY 2 Monday July 3nd Harper to Elmsdale 20.8Km
St. Louis 5.1Km
Alma (3.5Km) 8.6Km
–Stop For Lunch– Huntley
Alberton (6.5Km) 15.1Km
Elmsdale (5.7Km) 20.8Km 
Camping at Mill River Provincial Park

DAY 3 Tuesday July 4th Elmsdale to O'Leary 23.7Km
Bloomfield 14.4Km
–Stop For Lunch— Bloomfield
O'Leary (9.3Km) 23.7Km 
Camping at Mill River Provincial Park

DAY 4 Wednesday July 5th O'Leary to Ellerslie 27.1Km
Portage 14.3Km
–Stop For Lunch– Portage
Ellerslie (12.8Km) 27.1Km 
Camping at Green Park Provincial Park

DAY 5 Thursday July 6th Ellerslie to Wellington 18.8Km
Richmond 11.0Km
–Stop For Lunch– Richmond
Wellington (7.8Km) 18.8Km 

DAY 6 Friday July 7th Wellington to Summerside 18.6Km
Miscouche 11Km
–Stop For Lunch– Miscouche
Summerside (7.6Km) 18.6Km 
We will be arriving at Summerside City Hall at 2pm and relaxing afterwards for a while at Memorial Square. Please join us.

DAY 7 Saturday July 8th Summerside to Freetown 21.8Km
Kensington 13.4Km
–Stop For Lunch– Kensington
We will be arriving at Kensington City Hall at a time to be determined and doing lunch with the Mayor.
Freetown (8.4Km) 21.8Km 

DAY 8 Sunday July 9th Freetown to Hunter River 23.4Km
Emerald 5.7Km
Fredericton (10.6Km) 16.3Km
–Stop For Lunch– Fredericton
Hunter River (7.1Km) 23.4Km 

DAY 9 Monday July 10th Hunter River to Royalty Junction 22.2Km
Colville Rd (#9) 9.5Km
–Stop For Lunch– #9
Milton (6.8Km) 16.3Km
Royalty Junction (5.9Km) 22.2Km 

DAY 10 Tuesday July 11th Charlottetown to Tracadie 28.6Km
Mayor Clifford Lee will send us off from Charlottetown at 7am. We are meeting at and leaving from the Tourist Bureau on the waterfront. Please come out and show your support and/or join us
Royalty Junction 9Km
–Stop For Lunch– Royalty Junction
York (6.2Km) 15.2Km
–Stop For Lunch– York
Tracadie (13.4Km) 28.6Km 

DAY 11 Wednesday July 12th Tracadie to Morell 23.8Km
Mount Stewart 8.7Km
–Stop For Lunch– Mount Stewart - Trail Side Cafe
Morell (15.1Km) - supper at Jonsey's(15.1Km) 23.8Km 

DAY 12 Thursday July 13th Morell to Selkirk 23.0Km
St. Peters 11.4Km
–Stop For Lunch– St Peters - Take A Break Cafe
Selkirk - supper at Sheltered Harbour - (11.6Km) 23.0Km 

DAY 13 Friday July 14th Selkirk to Baltic 22.5Km
Breakfst at Sheltered Harbour
Bear River 6.8Km
–Stop For Lunch– Bear River - lunch at Greco Pizza in Souris
Harmony Junction 15.5Km 
Baltic (7Km) - supper at the Blue Fin Restaurant - 22.5Km 

DAY 14 Saturday July 15th Baltic to East Point 16.8
Breaksast at Rite Bit Cafe
Elmira 8.8Km
–Stop For Lunch– Elmira
East Point (8Km) 16.8Km 
Wrap up in Elmira

Dennis Debbaudt's presentations on PEI will be September 27, 2006. Venue TBA.

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