Prize-Winning Bears

by Jane Meyerding
In the contest at the 2002 Portland Paws conventon (an annual event that raises money for this Oregon charitable organization), two of my bears won prizes. I have been making bears for several years but had never displayed any of them publicly before. Here is Madison, winner in the "Hobbyist" category, on the contest table (right) and back home with his blue ribbon. He's about 12 inches tall, entirely hand sewn, made of mohair (distressed and antiqued by hand) with felt paw pads and cotterpin joints. More photos of Madison, along with his pal Monroe, can be seen here.
This is Treadwell Ampersand, second-place winner in the "Theme bears, medium" category. The theme was "Teddy's 100th Birthday Party," recognizing that 2002 is the 100th anniversary of the creation of teddy bears. Like Madison, Treadwell was made from a pattern I drew myself. He is about 14 inches tall, not as lanky as Madison, also sewn by hand out of distressed/antiqued mohair. Both bears have glass eyes; I used glass etch to make Treadwell's matte rather than glossy, for an older look. Treadwell is one of those bears who generates an atmosphere of reassurance wherever he goes.


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