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Max Welcome suits his name, being always alert for opportunities to draw other bears into a conversation, a meditation, or simply his circle of acknowledgement. "Every bear needs to feel noticed," he says. Captain Jack and Mamie are adventurers, travelers through time, space, and sea. When they're at home (which is most of the time, actually), they enjoy hearing other bears' stories almost as much as telling their own.


Here's Max Welcome again, this time with Morgen, a smaller bear (Max is a 16-incher). Although Morgen is what's called a "traditional ted," made from a German-inspired pattern, she's far from old-fashioned in her thinking. Her name means "morning," and forward is the way she's usually looking. Priti and Poot are pattern-twins but made of very different mohairs. (Poot, in fact, is made of three different mohairs. He shares that trait with Max, even though Poot is seven inches shorter than Max.) They have chosen to live in different areas of the living room, so they can enjoy each other even more when they get together. "Too much togetherness can dull the edges when you have so much in common," says Priti. Poot hasn't found any of his edges yet, but he's still looking.


Gem Light is an up-standing bear whose ardent soul burns with a gem-like flame. Hence her name. When another bear needs an enthusiasm infusion, Gem is always happy to oblige. She also spends a lot of time blissfully rapt-up in admiring the way light reflects from this and that, which makes her an unexpectedly peaceful companion for such an ardent bear. Landsdown Croft's sweater (isn't it nice?) used to be part of a leg-warmer. He's very proud of it and likes to tell new-comers how it was found at the Whidbey Island community recycling center, so it's ecologically sensitive as well as spiffy, just like Landsdown himself.


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