My "Stupid Areas"

Someone asked what supports we ("high-functioning" autistics) would want to have if we could have whatever we wanted. I responded:

What I often feel most in need of is someone who is able to understand (and accommodate) my "stupid areas." There are things that I am stupid about, need help with, and am not likely to learn (meaning: I don't need a teacher who expects me to get "smarter" in my "stupid areas," I need someone to help me muddle through them again and again). And the helper has to be able to accept/understand my localized stupidity without losing track of the intelligence (my intelligence) that surrounds the stupid areas. If a potential helper gives me a sense that s/he is feeling superior to me (is being condescending) in reaction to my stupid areas, s/he won't be my helper for long. I do not take my troubles to people like that, so they are little use to me.

Hmmm. That last part sounds like "pride," I suspect. From my point of view, it's more an extension of logic, though. A person who behaves condescendingly to me is not truly open to "seeing" (perceiving) me-as-I-am. And why would I put my trust in someone who is prejudiced against me, especially in someone who isn't admitting to that prejudice?