Members of an AS forum were discussing why AS experts say AS people are self-centered. One woman theorized that it might have something to do with our lack of interest in other people's social lives. I responded:

Yes, I think so. I have noticed that most of the people around me (e.g., at work) seem to have a knack for collecting (and remembering) information about each other. It seems to be "natural" for them to do so, and apparently it plays some part in their ability to "network" with one another (the way socializing becomes a factor/tool in social, employment, and political advancement).

When I interact with people at work, I use scripts. That's the only way I have anything to say. There's no point in my asking them about themselves in the NT way, because I never remember answers to those kinds of questions. My brain seems to lack any storage capacity devoted to social trivia.

The way I establish relationships is by beginning with a common interest. If I meet someone with whom I share an interest and we interact on that basis, eventually I will begin (over the course of time, measured in years) to accumulate bits of knowledge about them.

Come to think of it, this has some resemblance to how I recognize people physically. Because I have prosopagnosia ("face-blindness"), I am unable to remember people on the basis of seeing them several times. My brain lacks the ability to "memorize" their faces, and it takes me a lot longer (than it takes non-faceblind people, who can instantly memorize faces) to estabish enough familiarity so that indentifying details begin to stick in my brain.