Can you spell "pervasive"?

A parent wrote that after a good half-year in a specially structured pre-school program, her son was likely to lose services for the next school year because he had so few problems in pre-school. Her son had been diagnosed with "mild AS."

I responded:

It's probably a good idea to repeat regularly the reminder that even "mild" AS (whatever that is) is pervasive. Changes for the better that are the result of improved circumstances (more AS-friendly circumstances, as in your son's case), do not mean AS is "going away" or "getting less," or anything like that. It is a pervasive, life-long way of being. Your son will learn to cope better with the NT world as he matures, but we're talking 'over the course of decades' here, not after a year of pre-school (as you know, but the school may need to be reminded).