Hoarding and Clutter

Someone wrote about how hard she finds it to get rid of things. She is described as a "hoarder" because she likes things to stay the same. I wrote:

As some of you may remember, I've had some serious trouble with Nancy (the woman who helps me) when she has wanted to "improve" things in my house -- sometimes with little or no notice. Last week I finally got around to reading a New Yorker magazine from late December. The cover shows Santa Claus sitting in a big chair. The back of the chair is really high, and it has a face. The stuffing on each arm of the chair has a face. The tassels hanging from the edges of the chair have faces. The lamp has a face, the lamp shade has a face. Everything in the picture has a friendly little face that is turned toward Santa. As I looked at the picture, I realized that it shows my own situation very well. Everything in my house is something with which I have established a friendly relation. I do quarrel occasionally with one thing or another. But for the most part, we're friends. When Nancy comes along and wants to remove something, she is removing that friendly presence, wiping out that relationship.

I showed her the cover and expalined what it showed me, in the hope that it might help her understand.