Feeling Stressed?
For therapy, try making Teddy Bears!
That's what I do. And here is one of my recent creations.
To see more of my bears, scroll down to the bear links below.

  • Book Mapping Charlie (a novel).
    Mapping Charlie Book Cover

    The murder of a man she didn't even know changed the landscape of Kay's life. For the police and the murder victim's partner, it was the neurological landscape of Kay's mind that proved a challenge. Seattle provides the backdrop for this story of two people working together despite their differences, finding the way to solve the mystery and live with Charlie's death.
    Available at lulu.com (as paperback or pdf download) and Amazon.com

    If you would like to tell your friends, organization, or support group about Mapping Charlie:

    • A short review and interview can be found here.
    • UW Today's review of Mapping Charlie is here.
    • The Washington Times "Focus on: Autistic author Jane Meyerding" is here

  • Book Forest for the Trees
    sequel to Mapping Charlie, by Jane Meyerding
    Kay Schneider, protagonist of Mapping Charlie, is back in a second tale of murder, friendship, and detection. Not the suspect herself this time, she is drawn into the role of amateur sleuth by a friend of the man whose guilt seems proved beyond doubt by incontrovertible evidence. Kay has certain disadvantages, one of which is often not being able to recognize people, even when she knows them. But her autistic neurology also leads her into investigative paths unexplored by those around her. In this case, one of those paths leads her and her service dog right into mortal danger.
    Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon.com and BN.com and as paperback from buybooksontheweb.com.

    • You are welcome to use this flyer about Mapping Charlie and Forest for the Trees. And thanks!

  • Book: Coming Out Asperger Diagnosis, Disclosure and Self-Confidence, edited by Dinah Murray
    (I am one of the contributors to this book).
  • Book: Women From Another Planet?
    Our Lives in the Universe of Autism

    (I am one of the contributors to this book).
    The book has a web site.
  • About autism (my own, mostly):
  • Short (old) fiction:
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Appointment in Radiation Oncology
    • Jail (Sept. 2003)
    • Government: It's Just Routine
    • Why I Wear a Neck Brace
    • Life as She is Lived: A meditation on gender, power, and change
    • The Time of My Life (a meditation on time)

I've put up a group of pages showing some of the bears I've made. All the bears are sewn entirely by hand and, except where specifically noted, are made from patterns I created myself. Almost all are fully jointed (usually with cotterpin joints). The pictures may be slow to load, depending on your connection. Click here for the newest photos (updated January 6, 2009). Behind that page of newest bears are other bear pages, which you can reach by clicking the link at the bottom of each bear page. For a special treat, I've created a Bear Comparison page showing what different bears can result from the very same patter. And there is a page showing two prize-winning bears from 2002.

Click here for some links to pages by people I've met online, along with
a few other places I enjoy visiting. (Newest change here, April 16, 2005.)

New (September 2005): A background of grey bricks, with the words, Getting the Truth Out: An Autism Awareness Site NOTE: I strongly recommend that you click on this link when you have time to experience the site to which you will be taken. Don't start it and then stop after the first few (short) pages. Persevere. Let it take you through the whole story. You will find it is time well spent.

Updated June 26, 2005: Should government-funded autism organizations be allowed to exclude and silence autistics? I've made a special page of links that take you to the arena in which this issue is being addressed, thanks to the efforts of Michelle Dawson (and with the help of jypsy who sent me most of the links).

Not out of time yet? Okay, here is a link to a short list of books I recommend.
(Book list updated June 21, 2008.)

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