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Name: Selena
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, etc: Reading, Autism/ADHD Awareness, Special Education, Photography, Travelling, Writing, Pallet Houses, Eco Houses, Nature and Animals
Year of birth: 1979
Profession, area of study, etc: I am a qualified Animal Care Worker, Aged Care Nurse, Disability Support Worker and Special Needs Teacher Aide and soon I plan to become a Adult and Vocational Education Teacher for teenagers with ASD and Intellectual Impairments and I am proudly employed at the moment :-)
Where you live in the world: Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Marital status, # of kids etc.: In a relationship with no children
Comments: In 1983 I was diagnosed as being mildly learning disabled with hyperactivity and "autistic tendencies" in 1993 I was diagnosed with ADHD, LD and Aspergers and in 1999 I had a mild tic disorder added to my diagnosis and Aspergers was removed at that time as I was considered to be "too warm" to have something like AS and I so desperately wanted to believe that it was the truth but deep down I knew there was more to it and the ADHD, LD and mild tic diagnosis although true in part it did not answer a lot of my questions but because of the negativity I experienced in my younger year in terms of my ASD diagnosis I refused to accept that I was an Aspie for over a decade and it was a very long, tough and sometimes painful journey but through it all I came out stronger than ever and I now accept my ASD.

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