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Name: Scott AKA Scoots5012
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Vintage television cameras, Super Sloppy Double Dare, synthesized music, the weather, dates, things that spin, playing part of song over and over
Year of birth: 1979
Profession, area of study, etc: Television broadcasting
Where you live in the world: Wisconsin
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single, probably will be for life
Personal webpage url: None at this time
Comments: People who have known me over the years simply find it amazing how far I have made it in life. As a young child I had many of the classic signs of autism/aspergers. I was a slave to a daily routine, the slighest change would send me into a rage. I didn't want to interact with other children. When other children would try to interact with me, I'd go off somewhere else and retreat back into the comfort of my own world. I was content playing with same toys for hours on end. Other times I would spin things just for the joy of watching them spin. My parents noted that at age three, I was "talking like an adult". Noises that no one else would hear I would pick up on, and noises that were just "loud" to neurotypical people were painfully loud to me. From a tactile standpoint, I was living in hell. Nothing was comfortable for me. I would spend 10 minutes just putting on my shoes becasue I needed my socks to feel right on my feet. The tags on all of my shirts were not safe from being ripped off. My parents could not take me anywhere as new environments were over stimulating to me, and I would have a meltdown. During my K-6 education, no one at my school seemed to be able to figure me out. I was something they had never seen before. I was lagging far behind in the ability to interact with the other kids outside of the basics. I would do things and throw tantrums that scared my teachers. I vented frustration by bashing my head against the wall or on the floor. The school district wanted to put me into special education, but my parents refused. In their words, I "was too crazy for regular school, but too sane for special education". Despite all of this, my teachers marveled at how intelligent I was, but were also puzzled at how I was unable to convert this into good grades. I was evaluated by many doctors who finally said I had ADHD. It never made much sense to me. I don't have a DEFICIT of attention, but more or less a SURPLUS of attention. I tend to get so focused on one thing that I become oblivious to all else. I somehow managed to survive junior high school and high school, but I always wondered where exactly I went wrong, and what was wrong with me. All questions I had were answered last summer when I first heard about aspergers syndrome. Everything made sense all of a sudden, I was able to answer all the questions I had regarding who I was. Now if I can just survive getting through college. :)

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