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Name: Ryan McReynolds
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Christianity (I believe in Jesus), Judaism (Christianity originate as a Jewish sect and I do have a tiny trace of Jewish ancestry), Music (I sing and I play several instruments, mainly Guitar and Keyboard, I also write songs), I research Genealogy (my Family tree traces pretty far, especially on my Dad's side), I also am into Politics (Im a Moderate Conservative), and I do like to read about Legal stuff (including dumb crimes), and being I am Autistic, I do like to help out others who have Autism and/or other disabilities the best I can, for instance, I am willing to listen to what is on the mind of people with various disabilities as I know what it is like to deal with issues and stuff.
Year of birth: 1978
Profession, area of study, etc: Not employed, trying to get a job, I do occassionally pla a music gig
Where you live in the world: Michigan
Marital status, # of kids etc.: not married, no kids but hope for marriage and kids someday
Personal webpage url:
Comments: I do have music on one of my songs on the site is one that I wrote called Autism Is Not Retarded, I wrote that song after an argument I had with an ignorant girl who claimed Autism is a form of Mental Retardation and had the nerve to tell me that if the notion of Autism being described as Retardation offended me, then I should not even talk about it (in my last note to her I told her the U.S. Constitution backs me up under the Freedom of Speech clause).

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