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Name: Rachel
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Reading, Anglo-Saxon/Medieval stuff, sword fighting, hiking, computers, useless trivia, philosophy of mind, psychology, languages, grammar, movies and internet forums. Contrary to what the pictures on the wall behind me may imply I do not have an Elijah Wood fetish -- my flatmate did.
Year of birth: 1984
Profession, area of study, etc: Currently studying: English -- Anglo-Saxon and Middle English literature in particular; Philosophy.
Where you live in the world: New Zealand
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single, no children
Personal webpage url: None but I frequently post at
Comments: I was a typical Asperger's child but have managed to eliminate most of the negative aspects and use the positive aspects to my advantage. I still have sensory difficulties, particularly hearing, which makes lectures difficult.

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