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Name: Paul Drennan
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Celebrity Birthdays, Old Sitcoms, The Tv shows "Different Strokes" and "Family Ties". Finding out information on Gary Coleman, Also Enjoy Finding out what the top songs were for years the in past.
Year of birth: 1980
Profession, area of study, etc: Volunteer job at the video shop (believe it not, its not to bad, not many people go there, I am assisted by a social worker). Have never had paid or full time work, due to my AS, and ignorance by NTs.
Where you live in the world: Ipswich, Queensland Australia (Near Brisbane)
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single, Never Married (Not sure if I ever will...)No kids
Personal webpage url: (This page has information about my AS, but I havent been able to update it of late as for reasons unknown it isnt letting me into edit it..feel free to check it out anyway if u like).
and (which is fairly explanatory...I update it every day or so with info on celebs..mostly for my own pleasure..but feel free to have a look there as well)

Comments: Diagnosed with a number of things, including "Attention Deficit Disorder" before finding out the real reason, which was that I am Autistic. I was diagnosed with Aspergers in late 2001, just before I turned 21. My main comment is that Aspies are people like anybody else, just hitting the world in a way that prevents us from connecting with other people. NTs seem to have a bigger problem with Aspies then we do ourselves. I try and take my condition as it is, Although bright lights and lots of noise troubles me, I try and avoid public places as much as I have to, or If I do go on a train, I sit away from other people. As for friends, I really dont have that many, or any. I know a few NTs, but we dont have much in common, I get on well with my parents, who are NTs but try there best to support me and listen to me and my obsessions, which is good. I am not to fussed on a relationship, I dont think I have the pining over people lilke many NTs tend to. Feel free to email me at or if in similar situation, or just wanting to chat

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