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Name: Paul Drennan
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Was Interested in History of Cemetries (finding out how people died etc), Previous sessions include: Population of Schools in Australia,Roadmaps, Phone Directorys, Crime Novels, At the moment my obsession is finding out the Birthdays of People from Television Shows.
Year of birth: 1980
Profession, area of study, etc: Unemployed, had been doing assisted work at the salvation army, voluntary.Not sure If that will go ahead yet
Where you live in the world: Ipswich Qld Australia
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single, No Kids
Personal webpage url:
Comments: I was initially diagnosed with Aspergers in Feb 92, but then Re-Diagnosed with Learning Disabilty in Sep 94, All through my time at school, I was constantly teased, single out, I always had a good memory for facts and figures and often talked to myself or sat away from the other students at lunch time. I have had only 1 serious girlfriend, actually just 1 girlfriend period since I was diagnosed, although in the end we both agreed that It just wasnt working, the fact that I couldnt be there for her emotionally (She was a NT), played a part in it. I was officially diagnosed by Dr Tony Attwood on November 5th 2001, I have had difficulties explaining my diagnosis and myself to my friends, crushingly NTs are NTs and tend to think that if things are fine for them, then they should be for everyone else, I have never been able to hold down a paid job, Its not that I dont want to work, its just that the noises and bad coordination that I have and the social problems are also a big issue. Aspies everywhere should stick together and support each other, remember you are not alone.
Also, If anyone reading this wants to email me my email is

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