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Name: Nana (hope, the other Diana is posting here, too, so there can be no confusion between the two of us)
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: # Interests: collecting info ->on the net, through books, listening to lectures, keeping the channels open; acrylic painting, drawing with colored pencils; humankind; medical themes; writing up my weird 'kafkaesk' dreams,finding unusual places to make a liveable area out (old factory buildings, towers, water houses etc.);

# hobbies: none of them active at present (inertia, rough living, working up old traumas) painting, singing, swimming, meeting other autistics irl through picknick or other events, making things out of wood, weaving, knitting, love to be able to go sailing again, kiting, cycling,

# obsessions: water (surface consistency, colour), sand, sparkely objects, prisms, lightning, swinging, vocalizing in the woods, looking at hair of the people around me, medieval Europe, finding errors in texts (except mine own), ruminating about made mistakes, rephrasing funny words over and over again, doing the best for my two cats, one of them (siri) is in the picture with me, the other one was sleeping on the highest shelve, having to read books in one seating when they are good, many more I can not think of right now.
Year of birth: 1971
Profession, area of study, etc: was kindergarten teacher before I got diagnosed. Was too overwhelming, can not practise any more. I love working with kids, but too many of them are too noisy and running around too much for me to function through a workday. Am trying to find a niche for me now, where I can be productive and happy.
Where you live in the world: Hemsbach/Germany
Marital status, # of kids etc.: have a BF, maybe married some day? two cats who are just like kids, sometimes.
Personal webpage url: nothing yet, but in progress
Comments: I knew there was something different about me from very early on, but I was not able to find out what. Had to survive school with a lot of bullying and being called 'Spast', which is the equivalent of retard. Parents teachers and doctors were unaware of the suffering I went through, because I always thought it was my fault, and I need to try harder. Was not able to talk about what was going on, learned that in the job training and through a very caring boss in my last year of training.

I hope, the future aspies will have a better start in life, if the main public is better informed about AS.

One start here in Germany is, that some Berlin-Aspies have founded an aspie organisation now, and I hope, I can contribute my share to the information provided in a magazine and published through the organization.

We can only achieve something, if we are brave enough to raise our voice in public, and advocate for ourselves. (scary thought, but I will see what can be done from my part).

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