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Name: Moonmom
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Dancing & music free my mind. I love; Irony, alternative art, rock posters comic art, Quantum physics, swimming naked, my kids, AS & ASD research, my oh so quirky friends, alternative communities, the road less (much) traveled. I perseverate on symmetry, order, symbolism and intricacy. Love mechanical things, systems. I am easily hypnotized by moving, swirling or sparkling things, smoke, ripples, sunlight bouncing, trees outside the car window, people talking.
Year of birth: 1962
Profession, area of study, etc: Illustration, herbalism, nutrition & neurology (for fun).
Where you live in the world: Northern California, US
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single mom, two kids (one with Asperger syndrome, who's taught me more about myself than anyone I've ever known).
Personal webpage url:
Comments: It's been a tough road this one, but an important part of the journey filled with real truths and self discovery. My sons diagnosis opened the door to mine. Having been so different for so long (even for the counterculture) I breathed a heavy sigh of relief as the ramifications of this slowly sunk in and blew away the fog of self blame and confusion. I have always believed in personal eccentricity, but now feel permission to relax a little about the areas I cannot control. It has given me deep insight into those I have chosen as friends and lovers...all so odd/wonderful/beautiful/creative but ill equipped for a "normal" life. I can see um coming now, no longer surprised by the quirks, I just smile.

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