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Name: Monique
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Various interests. I have very obsesive interests for a couple of months and then the intensity of the obsession discreases.
After a little while, the same thing happens with another subject (means: get together lots of information about that particular subject, spending very much of my time with that, thinking of it a lot, etc.).
In general, I am interested in:
- autism and autism spectrum disorders;
- psychology;
- social behaviour (and non-logica of it, in my opinion);
- cooking/food.

Year of birth: 1982
Profession, area of study, etc:
- I did Social work (don't ask me how I did this!)
- I a'm working with people with a mental retardation
- I recently started studying psychology (Bachelor - distance learning)

Where you live in the world: The Netherlands
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single (still...)
Comments: I want to be accepted like I am. I don't want to have to tell others about me having a autism spectrum disorder in order to get understood and accepted. Strangely most people seem to accept me when they know I am 'Monique + ASS', when they just know about 'Monique' they tend to not accept me as I am: I don't understand this and I don't like this, it's like being tolerated because I have a disorder. People seem to need a 'diagnostic label' to explain things ).

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