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Name: Leila, nickname "The Mad Professor"
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc:
Interests are Birds, Medicine, Biology, Psychology, Autism, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Disabilities, Speech and Language Therapy, Pharmacology. I have a pet lovebird named J T Byrd Hawk.
Hobbies are stamp collecting, photography, going on the Internet, Star Trek (like all of them), collecting Beanie Babies, collecting any factual information I can get my hands on.
Perseverations are many. I will just say that they have often gotten me into trouble when I keep talking about something over and over and over again and do not stop when people tell me to stop. Obsessions are death, going insane, and several others varying throughout my entire life. I have many compulsions such as having to look at something over and over again several times. Sometimes I have to touch something over and over again several times. I have numerous sensory integration problems. It is hard to watch TV because the screen is visually overstimulating. It is hard to read stuff because I get overstimulated visually. The computer is overstimulating as well although I can deal with it...I just let myself get overstimulated. The patterns and textures in the walls can be quite overstimulating and annoying.
I love to rock. I love to swing on the swing. I love to walk.

Year of birth: 1959
Profession, area of study, etc: Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Master of Science Degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling. When I look back upon it all, I should have continued to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Biology, or should have gotten a Masters Degree in Special Education. When I look back upon it all, working in the Human Services Field is not for an Autistic Person; it can be very stressful and tiring because you have to be on pins and needles around people. Thank God, I have had a boss who has accommodated me; she sees my strengths, and she has me work on things that do not involve immense contact with people. I have never worked as a Therapist or a Counselor, although I was trained to do that.
Where you live in the world: Hampton, Virginia, USA
Marital status, # of kids etc.: single, no kids. It is very hard for me to form relationships with people in general. It is almost impossible to have a romantic relationship when I cannot even connect with people. This is a terrible handicap for me.
Personal webpage url:
Comments: I do not know how long you have had this project going, but I feel that it is an excellent way to meet others with autism/asperger syndrome. I just found out about it by going on Wrong Planet Syndrome from my website a few days ago, which I have not been to in three years.
I would suggest that people visit my website in order to get to know about me. I am hoping that by posting my pictrure and giving this information that I will make contact with others who are like me. It is very, very lonely out there being autistic and not having any connections with my own people. I do have the desire to connect.

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