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Name: Kathleen Fasanella aka "Patternmaker"
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Life-long left-leaning social/political activist, vegetarian, with an interest in sustainable economic development and sane recognition of the constrictions of economic geography. Anything sewing related; collect old sewing and pattern making books, scissors, sewing tools, dress forms, body casts and vintage clothing. Recycling, redesigning and building things, anything from computers to clothes. Appliance, equipment repair and maintainence. I enjoy electrical work (household wiring, telephony, computer hardware), plumbing, carpentry and construction. As a child, I was obsessed with watches, clocks, electronics, radios and had a ham radio-operator's license. I own more tools than anyone I know. Reading/study of complex systems controls, intra-organic morphology. Trying to wrap my head around how to generate quality responses within the development of intuitive systems organization; i.e. the mechanics of "learning" and instinctive "quality control" (and getting management to recognize and validate it).
Current interest: "arresting" my inertia ;-).

Year of birth: 1961
Profession, area of study, etc: "Amateur" (non-degreed) anthropometrist (obsessed with body sizes, skeletal dimensions of humans and design of "ergonomic" apparel, i.e. encompassing the primary range of motion) particular emphasis on developmental maturation and developing sizing standards/grade "rules" for use by ASTM-ISO compliant apparel manufacturers. Anti-sweat shop activist, archivist-reverse engineer of archaic (vintage) sewing methods. Author ("the" blue-book of apparel manufacturing) and essayist. Inventor of proprietary sewing methods, tools and processes. "Fashion" designer, consultant, "master" pattern maker, leather die-maker, "expert" seamstress and teacher of all the above, mostly for industrial clients.
Where you live in the world: El Paso TX USA...and I hate the inertia that keeps me here.
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Divorced. Live alone with my son (17 dx pdd-nos) and four cats. I do enjoy dating (men) and would like a stable, long term relationship in the future.
Personal webpage url:
Comments: Dx AS 8-28-99, my re-birth day. As long as I've had cognition and self-awareness; I've known I was different. I do more than think in pictures; running situational visual simulations based on variant conditions and extended time-lines in the future is as easy and natural as breathing. I was *shocked* to learn other people couldn't. I've learned to express myself (and empathy) by mentally speaking my thoughts into another language, mostly Spanish these days (which I learned auditorily and emotively) and then translating those into English. Trying to think in language often makes me want to bash my forehead against a concrete pillar until I'm bloodied and senseless; particularly when people describe me as "articulate". I use words to describe the pictures in my head. Paradoxically, I "learn" other languages easily with native fluency and accent. 'm> a hermit and have little contact with the real-world; it's not unusual that I go for 4-5 days without seeing another human face (other than my son). Physical activity and exercise seems to alleviate the intensity of my sensory problems so fitness is a priority. I do not fail to mention or write about my son through omission or oversight but as he categorically> forbids it.

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