Autistic Adults Picture Project
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Name: Jonathan
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Bike Riding, Swiming, long walks, spinning squishy balls on a string, other tactile things like playdough, my dog, my cat, Building things with my Dad, Hammering nails
Year of birth: 1989
Profession, area of study, etc: Going to work on being a Farmer
Where you live in the world: Massachuttes
Marital status, # of kids etc.: single and apt to stay that way
Personal webpage url:
Comments: I am mostly nonverbal. My mother is posting this. I am PDDnos. It is so hard to find anything about Adults with Autism. I think some people think that all autistic are kids and Rainman. Hello not every Autistic person is like Rainman. My parents are trying to create a program/job/school for autistic adults. It is an uphill battle as they are not rolling in money. I really enjoy working and doing things. I do not think I'd be happy sitting on a couch endlessly doing nothing. More needs to be out there for the Autistic Adult that can not get a job in the typical world.

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