Join The Autistic Adults Picture Project

In an effort to add to the ideal of visually presenting autistics,
with a concentration on the presentation of autistic adults
- who as we know - are underrepresented
in Autism literature, web pages
and in the media,
oddizms and Ooops... Wrong Planet!,
with the help of the Autistic community at large

The Autistic Adult Picture Project

If you are 18 years of age or older and on the Autism Spectrum, we invite you to join us

Photos will be cropped for a "head and shoulders" picture for the main Picture page and your original photo will be linked to that cropped photo with your biographical information. Please note that NONE of this personal information is necessary, not even your name (though if you're not giving any info at all a pseudoname would be handy). This is the format we will be using on the page. Unanswered sections will be left off your page. We don't want shoe sizes or social security numbers...Be careful with what you say about yourself.

Send photos (or even photo-realistic drawings/paintings) to

  • 150 ppi is a good resolution, we'll try to use what you have.
  • A snapshot about 5x6 inches is good.
  • If you are prominent in the snapshot that is best, if you are being your autistic self, that is the very best.

Please send this information with your photo. (again note *nothing* is mandatory)

  • Name (first and/or last, pseodoname, nickname):
  • Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations, etc:
  • Year of birth:
  • Profession, area of study, etc:
  • Where you live in the world:
  • Marital status, # of kids etc.:
  • Personal webpage url:
  • Comments:
All submissions copyright the respective authors.

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