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Name: Ian Johnson
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Theology, physics (cosmology), logic, Church unity, writing web sites, puns, classical music; several others from time to time.
Year of birth: Long, long ago, in another millenium.
Profession, area of study, etc:
Profession: Paralegal.
Areas of study: Multiple. I have more excess degrees than anyone you'll ever meet. J.D. (law) (presently not in normal, licensed use because of my diagnosis); M.S. (biochemistry); M.A. (history); B.S. (chemistry); B.A. (linguistics). During a long period of my life school seemed to be the only thing I did well.

Where you live in the world: Topeka, directly below the land of Oz (ask Toto where that is!).
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Married, 4 sons, 2 grandchildren.
Personal webpage url:,,,, See obsessions, above.
Comments: While I was in grade school and high school, I tended to believe I was simply "bad"--a misfit. I first became aware that I really thought and perceived things differently than most other people during my sophomore year of college, in Organic Chemistry class. I remember trying to help my lab partner (who was very close to a 4.0 student) figure out the stereochemistry of a class of addition reactions. She had to rote memorize the outcomes of each mechanism. I tried to explain to her how to "see" the reaction mechanism happening, in three dimensions, in her mind's eye, as I could (and still can). I soon realized that she could not "see" such things (and that most prople can't). The formal Asperger (or maybe PDD, NOS) diagnosis was still more than 30 years in the future, but really explains the events that occurred in the interim quite well. There are some things "normal" people have that I'd like to have--for instance, understanding how the people around me feel before I hurt their feelings, a law license, a lucrative job, popularity, etc. But, on balance, if being "normal" is a package deal, I don't want it.

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