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Name: Gordon
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Filmmaking, watching, collecting films, listening to music, singing, photography, cats, snakes, animals, dolphins, candy, cars and driving, travelling, weaponry, supernatural, the occult, graveyards, history, landmarks, outer space & aliens, psychology, peace, good, sleep, girls, humor, high life, nature, lots of other beautiful, cool, great things in life. As wonderful as the world is, it is also a very ugly, dark, cruel, dangerous, horrible one though.
Year of birth: 1985.
Profession, area of study, etc: I do not believe in schools, I educate myself, and I am a natural filmmaker, I'm brlliant- I'm workin on it, I will be famous one day! Mark my words.
Where you live in the world: The Great White North.
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single no shit, and how many f*ckin kids do you think I have? A true person who ACTUALLY has Aspergers Syndrome (like me, not the young sl*ts here that have kids already. F*ck I'm almost 20 and I ain't ever kissed a girl yet) would live a very sheltered, lonely life, regardless of how good they look, and would have no boyfriend/girlfriend or kids in their entire life....... that is why I got to become famous. Then I will find true loves, then everyone will know me and see my work and will come to me. When your a hermit in an apartment, live in a small town, don't go to school, don't work, hardly step out for anything, it's kind of hard to meet people.... and even harder to talk to them when you have Aspergers. It's only going to get worse in this situation, so there's only one way out........... fame. So drop me a line at But if you don't understand me now, then you never will, and no one understands me. Everyone is stupid. Blah, blah, blah. Anyways... I hope lots of cute, special girls with Aspergers who never kissed the oppisote sex like me, read this and email me!!!!! I can't wait! But I doubt it.... I see another 10 years of misery. Well I gave it a shot at least. No harm done. Peace everyone!!!!!!! :D

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