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Gary and Glenda

Name: Gary and Glenda Anderson
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Interests: Gary: Chemistry and Physics and all kinds of math. Glenda: Paint Shop Pro, Homeschooling. Both: Worshiping Jesus, Gary in dance, Glenda in song and with instruments. Perseverations: Both: Ebay and internet shopping Glenda: Collecting graphics and picture tubes. Bible discussion Gary: Explaining math problems to anyone who will listen and Bible discussion
Year of birth: Gary: 1955 Glenda: 1948
Profession, area of study, etc: Gary: Software Quality Assurance Degrees in Chemistry and Physics Homeschool Dad. Glenda: Homeschool Mom 60 Hours toward degree in Religious ed. Both back in school for theology
Where you live in the world: We live in Minnesota, USA
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Married since Y2K Kids: Altogether 7, two teens live with us.
Personal webpage url:
Comments: We found out about AS when searching for what was wrong with our teenaged son. Both of our teens have a dx of AS and Glenda was told that she fit the profile, too, even though they didn't diagnose adults. Both of us like some parts of being AS, but find social situations very stressful.
We both have issues with noise and light. Glenda has issues with touch and textures. Gary is happy eating whatever is served him, doesn't care if it tastes good or not and Glenda is very picky about what goes in her mouth, texture being the important consideration.
Being sociable is a major stressor. Gary pushes more than Glenda to be sociable with Glenda following his lead. (However reluctantly) We both want to reach out and help people so we fight the stress that being with people brings so that we might share Jesus with people who don't know him.

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