Autistics Reject Disrespect and Defamation

LEADERSHIP IN THE AUTISM COMMUNITY - Values, Methods, Standards, and Goals
- Michelle Dawson

Is One Allowed to Respond?
- Michelle Dawson Responds to Defamation of Her Character

In Support of Michelle Dawson and Her Work

Past, Present, and Future
- by A M Baggs

ABA Proponents Attack Autistics: Showing Their True Character
- by Frank Klein

In response to Lenny Schafer
- Larry Foard

Another Parent's Take on ABA and its "Defense"
- Phil Schwarz

Analysis of the Schafer Report
- Moggy

Response to A Mother's Response
- Connie Baker

Critical analysis of Kit Weintraub's personal attack on Michelle Dawson, seen on the ASAT pages
- by David N. Andrews, BA-status, AEPiT (U Bham), Applied Educational Psychologist/Psycho-educational Consultant

The Sub-Human Life - from Ragged Edge Magazine
- by Cal Montgomery

Ralph Smith - biography
- by Ralph Smith

A message from Alyric RE:consumer driven services
- by Alyric

Links Page
- by Jane Meyerding