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Name: Bridgett
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: autism, art, fairy tales/mythology, comparative religion, Jungian psychology
Year of birth: 1983
Profession, area of study, etc: writing and visual arts (drawing, painting), anthropology, art history
Where you live in the world: Illinois, USA
Marital status, # of kids etc.: not married, no human children (but I have cats:)
Personal webpage url:
Comments: I tend to get very upset and overloaded around most people, so I usually to hide away from society (offline, especially;-)except when I'm accompanied by someone I trust. Before being properly diagnosed as on the autism spectrum when I was 21 years old I was misdignosed with a variety of things (such as schizo-affective disorder, schizophrenia, etc). Psychiatrists and psychologists saw me as a hopeless case, gave me tons of antipsychotics, and told me to get electroshock therapy. There needs to be a much greater understanding of what autism is and is not and how to identify someone who is autistic.

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