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Name: Annette Butler
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Enjoy Playing Music Playing the drums and flute learning to play the guitar and the keyboards at the moment and singing. Love anything about the Weather Meterology ( I think I take after my Dad who is a Meterologist and has a love of the weather as well) Astronomy, Love Star Trek and collect Star Trek memrobilia since 1985 to now, Airplanes, Arts and Craft, Computer Games, Card Games, Remote Control Cars, Trucks and Airplanes, Shortwave Radios, Scanners and listening to Overseas Radio Stations on the Internet and on the Shortwave Radio, The Internet always something interesting to learn from the Internet.
Obsessed with Collecting anything to do with Airplanes,Weather Stations, World Wrestling, Star Trek and Music. Music was the main hobbie and Interest. I was so Obsessed with Music that I even made it my job I worked in the Music Industry for a long time until I was Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome three years ago.

Year of birth: 1973
Where you live in the world: Brisbane Australia
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Single
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