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Name: Andrew Lerner
Interests, hobbies, obsessions, perseverations etc: Analyzing, WWW, computing, discussion, learning, science, technology, and history. Animals, natural environment, individual rights, liberties, and independence are very important to me. I'm calm, yet a motivated, creative, non traditional Individual, with a unique perspective; always open, interested and enjoy learning, growing, meeting new people, experiencing new activities, foods, and adventures. I have a dream that all living creatures and all people will live in harmony with each other and our environment regardless of race, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or any other difference. I am a former Treker.
Year of birth: 1958, The first year of the Baby Buster Generation.
Profession, area of study, etc: Customer Service Agent, and Technical Troubleshooter. I have been a Computer Programmer, Operator, Sales Rep, Instructor, Teller, Driver, and Assistant Store Manager. I earned my college degree 9/20/87.
Where you live in the world: Orlando, Florida, United States. I live, work, shop, dine, and play in Lake Mary. I purchased my condo 5/31/05, and have never been happier. From 2/21/1958 to 1/05/05 I lived in Long Island + Queens NY.
Marital status, # of kids etc.: Divorced, my dog died at 17. It was very hard to put my dog to sleep after 17 years in 2004. I loved her more than any friend I ever had. In 2002, I divorced my wife after 12 years of helping her to become a CPA, got laid off by national companies that closed down major or national divisions, and my age 84 Mother past away in Florida, all at the same time.
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Comments: I became aware of my autistic label this year. My goal is an open intimate emotional relationship. I have often heard about virtues women claim they have a hard time finding in a man. I believe I do possess them. It seems however; that many women instead choose men with different qualities. Being empathetic, altruistic, and very gentle, it's very important that we express our feelings and work together as a team. I need someone to care about and for, and who will appreciate and reciprocate. I would like to have a relationship where both can help each other reach individual and mutual goals. I desire an equally open-minded person to share life's longevity with. I enjoy meeting new people and am open to anything and everything

I regularly enjoy biking and swimming. I keep forcing myself to do so as I know I can be in better condition. I make sure I eat plenty of vegetables and fruit with every meal, and limit fat, sodium, and sugar as much as possible. Most people, who know me, find me witty, and I enjoy bringing laughter to everyone who comes into my life. I appreciate people who are honest, blunt, and upfront. Let us get together, maybe become friends, and see where life takes us.

943 Bakewell Court 101, Lake Mary, FL 32746. (321) 214-9855. Click these links Email repling, without the one you received, demonstrates consideration, and gains appreciation.

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