Alex Bain
2004 Patterson Palmer Law Rookie of the Year

The PEI RoadRunners Club is very pleased to award the 2004 Patterson Palmer Law Rookie of the Year Award to Alex Bain.

In the Spring of 2004, the RoadRunners Club received an e-mail from Alex’s Mom (Janet). She explained that her 16 year old autistic son had a passion for the sport of running. His head was full of running statistics and he had begun running around the track at his school at lunch time. His Mom thought that maybe getting a RoadRunner membership and hat might be enough for Alex.

Well it was obvious that Alex had a different idea. He ended up competing in almost every race in the 2004 race season (at least 17 by our count). This speaks to Alex’s dedication and passion for the sport, and to the dedication of his Mother and family.

His times were very impressive, especially for a rookie, and as we saw earlier tonight, Alex ended up winning the Junior Male Achievement Award with a perfect score of 174.

Alex did experience difficulties in one of the runs this past season, which sometimes happens to rookies (and experienced runners too). But like a “pro”, Alex pick himself up and was right back in the thick of things in the next race.

Alex says... “He runs for Autism”. We say ... “He does it very well.”

We are very pleased to present the Patterson Palmer Law Rookie of the Year Award to a very deserving winner, and look forward to see what Alex will do in his sophomore season with the RoadRunners Club.

Congratulations Alex.